Research at the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation (GCFSI) at Michigan State University consists of four broad themes: Population growth, climate change, and pressure on the land (Megatrend 1); rapid urbanization and transformation of food systems (Megatrend 2); evolution in skills required by food systems transformation (Megatrend 3); and cross cutting themes.

Megatrend 1 studies how the climate change and population growth affect the land and water resources. This theme also focus on developing innovations that increase the food availability and resiliency of agricultural systems in Africa and Asia.

Access to Climate Change

Megatrend 2 studies how increased urbanization and purchasing power have created market opportunities through changing domestic and regional food demand. This research group also focuses on innovations that enable rural populations to take advantage of the market opportunities and improve their livelihood.

Access to Cross Cutting Theme

Megatrend 3 studies the education and training required by agricultural populations in developing countries. This group also looks into innovative approaches for developing a workforce that will be able to solve the food system problems locally.

Access to Education and Workforce

Crosscutting themes at GCFSI includes Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) and Gender. ICT4D focuses on how the latest information and communication technologies can be effectively used for the benefit of rural populations. While the Gender theme focuses on how the development needs identified by other research groups can be made more gender-inclusive.

Access to Urbanizing Food Systems