Our Mission


The foundation of decision support is in data that is integrated, standardized and accessible, but it is of little use on its own. Data can be transformed into knowledge by analysis, visualization and research. This is what the GCFSI Decision Support and Informatics (DSI) Unit is designed to do. We have assembled a team of experts in data architecture, data delivery systems, geo-spatial analysis and informatics to provide data and analytics support to researchers worldwide, from academia, private sector, local governments and NGOs.

We draw from multiple data sources such as the World Bank, the United Nations, USAID, academia, and others to provide a robust information platform that includes tabular as well as geo-spatial data. This dataset currently covers nearly 10,000 national and subnational development and policy indicators and their attendant metadata. The DSI unit is building on this foundation through data sharing with USAID and HESN partners and is integrating data from across the GCFSI consortium.