Our Service

We will begin providing capacity for advanced analytics and analyses to stakeholders on a project and request basis. This will also include the assembly of teams of scientists for more complicated projects. These activities are expected to leverage other funding streams on a cost per project basis. Services the DSI can provide include:

  • Mapping visualization design and implementation: By adding geographic information to datasets we can create custom mapping applications to display the data on the web.
  • Data collection: Using custom programs we can download data from websites where it is publicly available yet not convenient to download one file at a time. For sites which have a prebuilt interface to download data, we can fully automate this process to collect all desired datasets quickly and efficiently.
  • Data cleansing: Raw data usually is not in the desired format for analysis. To make it usable, we remove extraneous information and errors, and format the data. This includes combining disparate data sources.
  • Database management: Creating and maintaining efficient storage for data so they may be modified and extracted simply.
  • Trend analysis: Using machine learning techniques based on the available data, future trend prediction can be deployed to find otherwise unnoticed trends.
  • Non-mapping database visualization: Creation of charts, graphs, or other visualizations to display information in the data. These may be interactive or static.